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Reconnect Your Pager

Reconnect Your Old Pager with DirectPage

Already own a disconnected Pager on the USA Mobility / Spok paging network?

If you would like to reconnect, DirectPage may be able to accommodate your needs!

Please note that DirectPage is unable to reconnect your pager by phone. We only reconnect pagers via online orders. If calling to reconnect, our customer care associates are instructed to refer you to this page. Thank you for your cooperation.

DirectPage can connect many but not all 1-way numeric pagers and 1-way alpha numeric text pagers.

To get started, you will need to find two important pieces of information usually printed on the back of your pager.

#1) The pager capcode: The capcode is usually 7 or 9 digits long and sometimes has a prefix of 1 letter or a couple of numbers and possibly a suffix such as F1, for example:

A1234567 or 13-1234567 or E001234567 or 1234567 or E001234567-F1

It is common to confuse the product ID number or serial number with the capcode, the way to tell the difference is that the capcode will not have letters and numbers intermingled so for example if you see a code that looks something like this: AO567CD4356...You will know that this IS NOT the capcode.

#2) The pager frequency: This number is always 3 digits, then a decimal point, then 4 digits and sometimes followed by the letters MHZ. Examples of a frequency are: 929.6625 or 929.6125mhz.

DirectPage is unable to all frequencies, the frequencies that we can connect are listed here: 929.6125 (local or regional coverage), 929.6625 (nationwide coverage only)

If the frequency of your pager is not listed above or you are unable to locate your pager's frequency, we will be unable to reconnect your pager and we suggest taking advantage of our pager trade in offer available with any of our 12 month or 24 month prepaid pager offers.

To get started, choose from the Reconnect Your Pager options listed below...

Please note that you have two options for each pager category.

For 1 way numeric pagers, you may reconnect for as little as 3 months (quarterly) with the base rate starting at just $12.95 month or you may prepay 12 months in advance (annually) with the base rate at just $11.95/month.

For 1-way alpha numeric text pagers, you may reconnect for as little as 3 months (quarterly) the base monthly rate will be $19.95/month paid quarterly or $18.95/month paid annually.

(options such as voicemail, extended range coverage, toll free numbers, etc will be charged in addition to the base rate)