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Reconnect Your Old Pager with DirectPage

Already own a disconnected Pager on the USA Mobility / Spok paging network or the American Messaging network?

We've simplified the process of determining if your pager can be reconnected.

1.  Take a picture of the front and back of your pager making sure the back label is not blocked and is sharp and clear in the picture.

2.  Text the pictures to us using the text bar at the bottom of our website.  Start with a message stating that you would like to see if we can reconnect your pager.  When we respond back, simply text us the pictures.

3.  If we can reconnect your pager and you need service in an area that has paging coverage, simply click on the activation page link at the bottom of this page.

4. Activations are usually completed within 2 hours of paid order submittal during the hours of 10am and 6pm eastern time Monday-Friday. (Pagers on the American Messaging Network will take longer).  If you submit your order after 6pm, weekends or holidays, the reconnection will take longer.  You will receive an email with your pager phone number and other pertinent information once your pager is reconnected.

5. If after we reconnect your pager, you find the pager is not functioning properly, receiving pages or other issues, let us know.  If we can remedy the situation, we will and if not, we will cancel and refund your order less the $10 activation fee.

We can reactivate the following pager frequencies:  929.6125mhz, 929.6625mhz, 929.9375 mhz


If you have a compatible 1-way pager, Click here to reactivate it.