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If you currrently have a pager or virtual paging service with us and would like to make service changes or cancel service altogether, simply click on the contact support link located at the top right corner of our website and provide your pager account number and/or pager phone number that you would like to change or cancel and provide us with:

1) The change you would like to make to your service. For example, perhaps you currently have local coverage but are now traveling more and need full regional coverage going forward, let usk know that you would like to switch to full regional coverage and the areas that you will need coverage and the EXACT date that you would like the change to be made. If that's the same day your are contacting us, let us know to change as soon as possible. Some changes may result in an additional service fee and that fee will be calculated based on the number of months left in your prepaid service. For example if you contact us 3 months into a 12 month prepaid service plan, we will bill you for the 9 additional months of service. If you only need a temporary change, let us know the dates needed and we will bill you accordingly and revert your service back to the original plan at the end of that service range.

2) If the change results in a lower paging service fee after the first 30 days of prepaid service, we will credit your account as an airtime credit towards future service. Changes made in the first 30 days can be refunded less a 30 day prorated discount.

3) If you want to cancel service, let us know the exact date you would like service canceled. If you are canceling before the end of your prepaid service period but after 30 days since you started service, we do not offer refunds, but we will note your account for an airtime credit. For example if you prepaid 12 months of service but do not need the pager 9 months into the service period and let us know to cancel, you will have 3 months availabe for a future reconnect.