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How to send a page to a pager:

1) Dial the 10 digit pager phone number from a touch tone phone

2) You will either hear 3 short beeps or a voice prompt greeting instructing you to "leave a numeric message at the sound of the tone" or in the case of a custom voice prompt or voicemail greeting, you may hear other instructions.

At the tone, type in the phone number including area code that you would like to have appear on the pager. You may type any numbers and those numbers will appear on the pager or virtual pager display. When you are done typing in the page, press the pound sign (#). You will then hear a series of fast beeps and you may then hang up the phone.

If the pager has voicemail, simply leave a message and hang up, do not press the pound sign (#) if leaving a voicemail message.

3) Within 30 seconds to 5 minutes (in most cases) the pager should alert.

If you want to send an alphanumeric (text) message to an alphanumeric capable word pager, you will need to know the pager's email domain.

If it is a USA Mobility, pager, the email domain is usamobility.net Therefore, you would send the message to the 10 digit pager phone number@usamobility.net Example: 6105551212@usamobility.net

If the pager is through American Messaging, the email domain is amsmsg.net Therefore, you would send the message to the 10 digit pager phone number@amsmsg.net Example 6105551212@amsmsg.net

In some case, but not all, you will be able to send an actual text message to the pager's phone number from a cell phone. The only way to know if this will work is to text the number and see if it comes through to the pager.