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Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

In the world of paging, The Directpage Virtual Paging Service is basically the next best thing since sliced bread. I especially like the fact that i now can get paged nationwide at no extra cost. Thanks for recommending this service!
Testimonial by Dr. M. Fisher, New Jersey

State of the art!

I have to comment on your automated pager swap by phone service. For this reason alone, I am glad I switched to Directpage. I am responsible for swapping out pagers for the property management company that I work for. It was at least a 20 to 30 minute process every time I needed to switch pagers with my old service provider. Today, I used your swap by phone service and in less than 3 minutes, I completed the process and my replacement pager was working in less than 30 minutes. State of the Art service is all I can say.

Thank you!

Testimonial by P. Sanchez, San Diego, CA

Pleasure to deal withThe CP1250 pager arrived safely in today's mail. It is configured EXACTLY as I requested. In addition, I really appreciate you being able to maintain my original Numeric #. That makes things so much easier for me. Thank you for being so accomodating with my request. It continues to be a pleasure to deal with you and DirectPage Regards, B. Ford Teaneck, NJ..

Testimonial by B. Ford , Teaneck, NJDear Everyone at DirectPage - I just wanted to tell you what a TERRIFIC company you are! I have not dealt with a company like yours in quite awhile. You have been totally responsive, extremely speedy and marvelously customer-oriented. Everything you said you'd do - from sending the new pager and the postage-paid return envelope to switching the number over from the old to new pager - has been amazingly smooth. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I will gladly do business with you for a very long time! Thank you for being a model business...

Testimonial by L. Drucker , Austin, TXI looked everywhereI looked for months to find a pager for emergencies with my daughter. I am a newly single mom and I needed a way for her to get in touch with me. I looked everywhere. Even stores called "beepers n things" didn't sell pagers, and they were rude and condescending when I inquired. when I found your website, I was thrilled, but still apprehensive about the transaction. I took a chance and paid for and ordered the pager. I was amazed and pleased when it arrived, as promised, it is adorable, works perfectly, and is a great bargain. within the first few weeks, my daughter's school was able to contact me when she was sick or needed something. I cannot thank you enough for being an honest and useful company and service. I will recommend you to everyone I can. thank you again, I intend to stay a customer indefinitely. please let me know when my subscription will be running out so I can continue my service. Thanks again, Cristine..

Testimonial by C. Kreplick , Clearwater, FLGreat Support!Dear Directpage, I just wanted to thank you for the quick service this past weekend. My former pager company was only open 9-5 Monday through Friday and when I had a problem on a Saturday, I had to wait until at least Monday to even speak to someone. You guys assisted me in getting my same pager and phone number reconnected through Directpage and when I had a question at 8:30 on Sunday night, I was able to reach a very helpful customer service person who answered my question regarding voicemail setup in a very timely fashion. I wish I found you guys originally! Keep up the good work and great support! M. Fredericks..

Testimonial by M. Fredericks , New York, NYYou guys are AWESOMEYou guys are AWESOME and have made this entire process really very easy. I am recommending you to everyone at my medical school as we are all required to get pagers this year and are all looking for the best place. I would like the Motorola Wordline FLX please. As soon as I get it I will immediately put the one I have in the mail. Thanks again for your great service. It really makes a difference. CCS..

Testimonial by C. Scheps , Washington, DC

WOW! Thank you.

When my old paging company announced they were closing up, I really wasn't sure which direction to take. I knew I wanted to keep a pager as a backup to my cellphone but didn't want to risk another loss. When I found your offer via the internet to trade in my old pager, I thought "what the hell, why not" my old pager was worthless at this point anyway. I just wanted to drop a note and say, Wow! Thank you. the pager works great, you delivered just as advertised along with the postage paid return envelope for my old pager trade and I seem to be getting better reception than my old pager. I really appreciate the fine service that Directpage is providing!..

Testimonial by R. Jennings , Chicago, IL

Keep up the great work

Hi, I ordered a pager & paging services for my home alarm system via your website Friday afternoon during the Thanksgiving holidays. I received it Monday. Works perfectly. Man, you are serious about customer service and I thank you! Keep up the great work...

Testimonial by T. Ramage , Seattle, WA



Testimonial by GARY HAYES , Sarasota, Florida

I just want to say thank you.

I'm not a customer of yours but i just wanted to let you know that you are the greatest! Although many people don't have accounts with you, you still give out information that can be used by others without having to sign up with your company! I just want to say thank you...

Testimonial by Lula Parker , Summerville, SC

Simplest Transaction that I have ever had with a paging company!

My old paging company went out of business last year and I never tried to reactivate my pager. Since my pager was on one of the frequencies listed on the Directpage pager reactivation page, I filled out the online reconnect form and within an hour my pager was working. I plan on recommending you to my colleagues. This had to be the simplest transaction that I have ever had with a paging company! Thanks for the 3 extra months of service too!..

Testimonial by Michael Rosenberg , Chicago, IL