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Service Options:

(all rates listed are in addition to basic service rates)

Service Option

Monthly Rate


Toll Free
Phone Number


No long distance fees from anywhere in the USA! .50/per call payphone surcharge applies.

Regional Statewide


Expands local coverage area by one region.

Example: If local home area is Southern New Jersey and you would like Northern New Jersey/New York City added, this would be considered REGIONAL COVERAGE. In most cases, regional coverage expands local coverage to Statewide Coverage.

Full Regional / Multi- State Coverage


Expands local coverage by two regions. In most cases two neighboring states.

Example: If local home area is Southern California, but you would like to add Northern California as well as Arizona, this would be considered FULL REGIONAL COVERAGE. If you are unsure if you need Regional, Full Regional or Nationwide Coverage, please call Directpage at 1-800-908-2337 before ordering.

Nationwide Coverage


Expands coverage to all areas within the United States that are covered by the paging systems.

Voicemail Options

Now including Numeric retrieval!

Voicemail works like an answering machine and enables your caller to leave a verbal message, the pager will alert you as soon as message is left on your voicemail. 

Numeric Retrieval allows you to listen to the last 15 numeric pages that were sent to your pager, great if you accidentally erased a page or were outside of your coverage area. Numeric Retrieval is included with Custom VoicePrompt and all Voicemail Options.

Custom VoicePrompt

Junior Voicemail

Your Choice...

Offered Free on Select Paging Promotions

Custom VoicePrompt allows you to record a custom greeting up to 15 seconds in length that your callers will hear when they call your pager phone number as opposed to the generic voice prompt that says "Please enter your numeric message at the sound of the tone" Also includes Numeric Retrieval.

Junior Voicemail holds up to 5 messages for between 4 and 12 hours (storage time is paging carrier dependent) with a 15 second message length and 15 second outgoing greeting. Also Includes Numeric Retrieval.

Enhanced Junior Voicemail Plus


Enhanced Junior Voicemail Plus holds up to 5 messages for up to 24 hours with a 30 second message length and 30 second outgoing greeting. Also includes Numeric Retrieval

Standard Voicemail


Standard Voicemail holds up to 10 messages for up to 24 hours with a 60 second message length and 30 second outgoing greeting. Also includes numeric retrieval.

Voicemail Plus


Voicemail Plus holds up to 15 messages for 48 hours with 60 second message length and 60 second outgoing greeting. Also includes numeric retrieval.

Executive Deluxe Voicemail


Executive Deluxe Voicemail is our top of the line voicemail option and holds up to 30 messages for 135 hours with 180 second message length and 120 second outgoing greeting. Also includes numeric retrieval.

Pager Call Forwarding


Pager Call Forwarding is available as a standalone feature or with any voicemail package. It allows messages sent to your pager's phone number to be forwarded to another pager's phone number. (phone numbers of both pagers must be in the same local area) If both pagers have voicemail, the voicemail message will be placed in the forwarded pager's voice mailbox and the forwarded pager will alert. The custom voiceprompt included with this feature allows you to setup your own custom 15 second outgoing voice greeting that your callers will hear as soon as they dial your pager phone number.

Pager Phone Number Change $5.00 per change

Directpage understands that for various reasons, you may want to change your pager phone number on occasion. We will change your pager phone number once for free and each change after the first change will be charged $5.

Temporary Coverage Area Change Minimum $5.00 per change

Need coverage in a different area than your regular coverage area? No problem, Directpage can program most pagers to receive pages in different areas of the country on a temporary or permanent basis. Depending on the area that you need coverage, we may need to add or change your pager phone number to the new area. There is a minimum $5.00 per calendar month charge for temporary coverage area changes. Consult Directpage for your special requirements.

Additional Pager Phone Number $6.00/month per local pager phone number

You may add additional local phone numbers to your pager. For example, if you run a plumbing business and service 4 counties, you could have 4 seperate phone numbers ringing to your one pager. Each number could be local for their respective county. If you choose options such as voicemail, you would pay the cost of each option for each pager phone number. Each pager phone could have their own separate options while not affecting the other pager phone numbers.

To have additional pager phone numbers and/or options added to your pager, please call Directpage Customer Support at 1-800-908-2337 ext 2.

Message Carbon Copy (MCC)


Enables message (numeric or word message) to be sent to an additional email address so the message appears on both the pager as well as at the additional email including emails sent to cellphones. Great backup feature!