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Need Pagers for your Group, business, organization or school?

If you have 1 employee or over 10,000 employees, 1 location or over 1000 locations, 1 student or 100,000 students...We can help customize a paging program that will meet your needs and help keep costs in line.

DirectPage has helped businesses, organizations and schools of all sizes and scopes develop a plan for easy distribution as well as the ability to contact small and large groups of pagers belonging to teams of employees, groups of students or members of organizations all at once or one at a time.

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Recent group applications include:

  • Security Team text notification via 1 way alpha text pagers
  • On Call notification for doctors that share weekend responsibility when away from their office
  • Aarm notification when a business alarm is activated. Group pagers are set up so that the employees that are responsible for meeting police at retail locations are notified simultaneously.
  • Salon employee notification that clients are ready for their appointment or that a client is running late or needs to cancel.
  • Computer server notification to alpha text pagers for on call technicians when a network or server goes down.
  • Rollout to a National Chain's branch locations
  • Entire Pharmacy School Class on clinical rotations
  • Physician Assistant program class members use pagers in hospital rotations. PA programs nationwide choose Directpage for their pager needs year after year for our simple online ordering, group shipment and substantial discounts while offering service after the sale

Considering changing your paging service provider? Consider Directpage.

Recently, DirectPage Group Sales has been receiving quote requests from companies looking to change paging service providers.

The reasons are consistent...

1) Poor customer service

2) Large rate increases year over year

3) Poor paging coverage

4) Equipment failure and replacement pager models not available

5) Billing errors that fail to be corrected

and last but not least, the current pager provider went out of business or is going out of business.

If these situations sound familiar, contact DirectPage Group Sales today and let us help you get out from under this aggravation.

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To help us help you more efficiently, have your most current pager bill in front of you when calling.

For even quicker service...Contact us and let us know that you are interested in switching service and we will discuss your individual paging requirements, then fax a current bill from your present paging service provider. We will then respond back with a detailed rate comparison and show you in detail how Directpage can save you money and offer you superior service.