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Are you a Spok (formerly USA Mobility, Arch Wireless, Metrocall and Weblink Wireless) paging reseller considering selling, closing or giving up your paging accounts?
The Directpage Reseller Conversion Program could be just what you are looking for. 
If you've been in the paging business, it's no secret that end users are diminishing at a high rate.
It's becoming more difficult for pager resellers to continue to run a profitable business as income drops due to high subscriber churn and carrier airtime rate increases squeezing margins even thinner. Your overhead remains the same if not higher, but recurring monthly income continues to drop month after month.
You may have considered selling your business, but as a buyer, who wouldn't be concerned about a business that shows a continued drop in income month after month and wholesale paging rates skyrocketing? 
After all, why would a buyer risk thousands of dollars for a business who's subscribers are dropping at higher rates than ever?
So what can you do? Just go out of business? What happens to the paging subscribers that actually need their pagers for their businesses, security or medical purposes?
That's where Directpage can help you...
Directpage understands what it takes to run a customer service oriented business while at the same time, can understand the challenges that face paging resellers in today's challenging wireless communication environment.
Whether you have 10 pagers or over 5000, we have programs that will help you get out from under the burden of customer support, ongoing billing and customer service. All without your customers having any disruption in service. We've helped resellers with situations that run the spectrum from businesses in financial turmoil with employees that have quit and taken the billing computer all the way to large resellers that have many lucrative accounts that are well organized and profitable.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1. "I have about 230 pagers active, many of which belong to individuals that have prepaid a year in advance. I can no longer support the business with this many subscribers as last year I had twice this many active and I am running behind on my USA Mobility Pager bill. I only have two weeks before they are going to cut off my customer's pagers...What can Directpage do for me?"
A1. We have taken over accounts with customers that have prepaid months in advance at no cost to the reseller. Directpage takes the risk so the reseller can go on with other money making opportunities.
As a USA Mobility master reseller, we can intervene before it's too late. We will negotiate a deal that will keep your end user customers turned on and relieve you of your monthly airtime obligation. Our risk is your reward. If your customer's don't renew. That's our loss, if they do renew, then we gain. Sometimes we luck out and get a higher number of renewals and sometimes we take the hit, but in the big picture, the actual customers that need their pagers remain active, the reseller who's account we take over is relieved of the stress and hopefully we pickup a few good accounts.
Q2. "I'm your worst case situation. I have no records of customers, all I have is my USA Mobility pager bill and I have no clue what to do. My employee that ran the paging end of the business just upped and quit. My computer's hard drive crashed and I have no backup and my USA Mobility bill is past due. I just need to get out from under this mess. What can you do to help?"
A2. Time is of the essence. First we will contact USA Mobility and advise them of the situation. Once we have control of your account, we will page all of your customers and our customer service reps will gather the pertinent information from your customers, work out a suitable billing plan and get the customer's updated information into our billing system. One the dust has settled, we will handle the continued billing and help the customers that may have been lost in the shuffle.
Q3. "I have a website for my paging business, what will happen with it if we transfer our accounts to Direcpage?"
A3. We have various options including rerouting your domain name to the directpage.com website and in some instances keeping the dealers website and having our system accept orders, payments and customer inquiries. Depending on how integral your existing website is to your customer base will determine the best way to handle this transfer.
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