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Have a sales question?, Problem with a pager?, Need support? This is the place.

Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions are here: F.A.Q.

Our most frequently asked question pertains to how to use, setup, retrieve voicemail, numeric retrieval and changing voicemail access codes. Click Here for complete voicemail instructions

If you need to swap out your pager to a replacement pager that we sent you. Use our convenient automated swap-by-phone service. Simply call 1-800-908-2337 ext 735, answer the questions accurately and we will swap out your pager between the hours of 10am and 6pm eastern time.

For all other issues, pager / website related problems, comments, complaints and compliments:

Make sure you give us your name, existing pager phone number including area code if applicable and the best way to contact you. If your pager isn't working, be specific as to the exact issue. Telling us your pager doesn't work is not as helpful as being specific so that we can help pinpoint the problem and give you a solution. Example..."My pager doesn't work" can mean any of the following: Are you not receiving pages? Is your pager physically broken, lost or damaged? Are there segments missing in the LCD display? Is the pager phone number disconnected when calling?

The most common issue to not receiving pages is a weak battery. Even if the low cell indicator is not showing...Before contacting Directpage, change your battery and replace with a fresh Alkaline name brand battery such as Duracell or Energizer. In some model pagers, if you insert the battery in the wrong direction, your pager will vibrate continuously and not display anything. If this happens, simply turn the battery around and reinsert. Be sure to test page your pager by calling your own pager phone number and paging yourself after changing the battery.

Please allow up to 24 hours for a response from Directpage Online Customer Support.

Emergency/Urgent Support requests are addressed as they arrive.

Regular Business Hours:

10am to 7pm (EST) Monday through Friday

Phone support is available during regular business hours.


Did you receive a page from 844-PAY-BEEP (844-729-2337)? This is our automated system paging you just before your paging service is to be disconnected for non-payment.

It is our last ditch effort to notify you of disconnection and giving you the opportunity to pay and avoid disconnection after we have sent emailed payment reminders and printed reminders via US Mail.


Emergency Technical & Sales Support is available after hours, weekends and holidays by sending

us a message using the form below: