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Apollo 308 Signature Brand New 1-Way Numeric Micro Pager (Smallest Pager Available in Colors)

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Starting price: 89.80. Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

The following pager / service packages are available for this product:

3 month Pre-Paid One Way numeric @15.95/month + $41.95 pager cost = $89.80
12 month Pre-Paid One Way numeric @14.95/month + FREE PAGER = $179.40
24 month Pre-Paid One Way numeric @13.95/month + FREE PAGER = $334.80

The Apollo Signature 1-way pager is a Brand New super compact numeric pager with a rugged side-read design that we recommend if size is a major consideration.  This is the smallest numeric pager that we offer.

Special Purchase...Limited Quantity Available!

Limited Color Availability. Not all colors pictured are available.

  • Innerglow LCD Display
  • 60 Fixed Alphanumeric Canned Phrases
  • 10 Programmable Alpha Canned Phrases
  • 26 Memory Slots
  • 4 Beep Alerts, 10 Melody Alerts, Vibration and Sleep Mode
  • 3 Daily Alarm Sets
  • Spring Loaded Holster
  • Month, Date, Year, Time Display
  • 8 Message Locks
  • Extra Long Battery Life
  • Reminder Alert
  • Back Light Display
  • Message Full Indicator
  • Message Time Stamp
  • Selective Message Lock / Delete
  • Lithium Backup Battery
  • Password Protection
  • Up to 4 Capcodes Capability
  • AAA battery and pager chain included.
  • Size: 2.0" x 1.56" x .75