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DirectPage Virtual Paging Service with Pager App Subscription for Iphone

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Starting price: $16.95. Actual price will display above as well as in the shopping cart once you choose your rate plan along with any service options listed below.

1 month Virtual Pager App Service @$16.95/month = $16.95
3 month Virtual Pager App Service @$15.95/month = $47.85
12 month Virtual Pager App Service @$14.95/month = $179.40
24 month Virtual Pager App Service @$13.95/month = $334.80

DirectPage Virtual Paging Service

Get a pager phone number that alerts you via email or text message!

Service includes a pager phone number local for the city you specify. It can be a city 3000 miles away, it doesn't matter because the message is sent to the email address you specify including but not limited to your cell phone's email address.

You can get numeric messages or if you choose... alpha numeric messages or be alerted that someone left you a voicemail all via your PagersDirect Virtual pager phone number by email notification.

You will be notified via the pager app for iphone.  Download the pager app in the itunes store, you choose iphone pager app.

Important: Download the Iphone Pager App from AMC Logic, LTD in the Apple App Store. We are offering the subscription at a discounted rate. You will not have to pay for the subscription separately within the app, we will bill you at the same time as your virtual paging service as well as when you renew service. 

DirectPage will activate your new Virtual Paging Service Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm eastern time. Orders received before or after these hours, holidays and weekends will be activated on the next business day. 

If you need the email address or cell phone number/cellular service provider changed, please use the contact us form (link located at the top of this page) and let us know your current virtual pager phone number and the new email address and/or service provider to ring your virtual pager phone number.